Reinvention through Self Love with Dominique Williams

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Dominique Williams

Dominique Williams is a Mother, Author, Life Coach, Writer, Speaker and Nurse.  In this interview, she shares her mission of helping women to focus on their self-worth, self-esteem, dignity and cultivating healthy relationships.

In this episode, she truly speaks from the heart about what it takes to be fearless and go after your goals with everything that you have.

Specifically, she covers:

  1. Why women need to listen to that quiet, still voice begin
  2. How to remove negative influences from your life
  3. Why trusting herself helped her to reach her goals
  4. …and the significance of “She is Fearless” to her life

Let’s get to it with Dominique Williams!

If you’d like to reach Ms. Williams you can email her at and you can also purchase her books at:


She is Fearless

One of the most dominant forces in the world is fear. It is impossible to fulfill your true potential living in fear. With She is Fearless Dominique will help you work through your fears by inspiring and empowering you to adopt a fearless mindset. She addresses various ways to combat fear. In this book, he is transparent in sharing some of her life experiences and how God has seen her through some of her deepest and darkest fears. Face your fears. Push beyond your comfort zone. Give God the opportunity to blow your mind by adopting a fearless attitude. Never forget that God is sufficient for all of our needs he can do exceedingly above anything that you ask for. Release the constraints that you have placed in your life. Dismiss the fear, hurt, and pain so that you can live your life freely. Until you dissolve the fear which resides in your mind you will never experience true happiness, because your destiny will remain unfulfilled. Fear and trust are like oil and water they are unable to coexist. Boldly declare today that fear is a weapon that will not prosper. The devil is not fighting you because you are weak. It’s just the opposite you are a woman of strength and you have a purpose. When you adopt a fearless mindset you are able to do the impossible without reservation. “When you adopt a fearless mindset you will find comfort in being uncomfortable, you will find joy in being uncertain. You will always push the envelope. You will embrace the challenges because you know they are a requirement for growth.”


The Life of a Woman: Authenticating Complexity

The Life of a Woman: Authenticating Complexity is a collection of poems that sheds light on the issues, inflictions, and insecurities that women sustain while fulfilling various roles. In our society women are too busy competing with one another instead of empowering one another. Some women are misguided, believing they must seek reassurance and validation in people and objects. The sole purpose is for these poems to encourage, uplift, and inspire women from all generations. I want women to know that they are more than what meets the eye. They are intelligent, resilient, insightful and virtuous just to name a few attributes.

From Broken to Purpose

From Broken to Purpose is a book of poetry which will cause one to change their perspective. Perspective is everything, you only illustrate the picture of what your mind chooses to see. Changing your perspective changes your reality. It is through change that we grow. Once you decide to elevate your mind your life will change.