Reinvention through Perseverance

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Mia is special. And, I mean that in a good way. Mia is a unique spirit, who has experienced some of the ugliness and darkness of life, and fluttered out from it and became a powerful force. We talked about her childhood growing up in foster care, being abused and sexually assaulted, being exploited, her struggles with infertility and how she is taking all of that (and more) and expressing her gifts to the world. And, all of this being that she is the ripe “old” age of 22.

About our Guest

Mia is currently  in school to be a doctor, starting her own family, writing a book, and mentoring foster youth. She is also newly wed. So, let’s get to Session 10 with Mia, Reinvention through Perseverance!

She can be reached at and you can also check out her blog at