Reinvention through Self-Acceptance

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Carolyn Monden

When life gives you lemon, make lemonade”, this saying applied for our session 13 podcast. Today, you’ll be hearing a different kind of podcast. Unfortunately, after recording our audio had some problem but miraculously all audio from our gem of a speaker, Carolyn Monden, was intact. So, for today you’ll be hearing key points from this interview that we know that you’ll be truly inspired.

About our guest, Carolyn Monden is an empathic intuitive healer. She says her soul’s purpose is to share her knowledge and connection to the spirit world with other. She help’s other people find his/her soul’s purpose.

As a spiritual guide and teacher; she’ll help you discover your path and guide you through your spiritual awakening.

If you want her to help you, you can email her at or reach her at 678-802-9272. Visit her website at You can follow her too on Facebook, or Instagram at







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