Reinvention through Fiery Health and Wellness w/ Davette Thompson

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Davette Thompson

Davette Thompson is a fire-breather. Not literally, but the words that she spoke to us felt like she was lighting a fire under our a$$ to get it together. I’ve been in good health pretty much all of my life, but trust and believe me when I say she is the absolute TRUTH! I learned SO much from her. SO much so that I am NOT listing it here – you’ll just have to listen.

About our Guest

Davette is a health and wellness coach that teaches others to take ownership of their own health and wellness. She is also pursuing her Masters in Public Health and Nutrition. She is also the mom of 3 beautiful children, one of whom is experiencing Autism.

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You can reach Ms. Davette at or for health and wellness coaching you can reach her at

She can also be followed on Facebook @ThompsonDavette or you can join her Facebook Group Journey to Health and Wellness