Growth is Uncomfortable – So What?!

Written by on November 6, 2017

I was talking to a friend the other day about an issue that she is dealing with. She was explaining to me that she’s found herself in a situation where she has to make a difficult life choice, but fortunately, with either choice, she’ll be in a good situation.

She expressed that she felt like she was being pulled in too many different directions (work, kids, family, etc.) and she hasn’t found the time to just sit and think about the direction that she wants to take.

She also felt like she needed to make a decision as soon as possible, as one of her options may not be an option for too much longer.

I go back to the simplest quote. Time after time, I have resorted back to it, because it really sums up how we should choose what paths we take in life.

What we are meant to do in life, will come to you in whispers.

If you don’t hear the whispers, it’ll come to you in messages

If you don’t hear the messages, it’ll come to you in problems

Her situation was that she was faced with an empowering decision, as either way she went, there would be a good opportunity in it for her to grow.

Yet and still, she was still experiencing discomfort in making the decision. Why?

Because that’s how growth works.

When you grow, you change. And, because change can be scary for some, we resist it. The way that we resist it is that we make the situation that we are faced with during that time seem bigger than what it truly is.

Life really isn’t that big of a deal. Nope. See, back to the original quote above when I speak about whispers, messages and problems. It really is that simple.

Life isn’t a struggle. Life is flow.

It’s how we respond to the growth that creates the struggle. And, sometimes, our emotions get in the way of us making the decisions that flow us to our goodness in life.

How do we make growth comfortable? There is no 100% foolproof method to do this. But, we can inch towards flow little by little if we follow this one step:

Be still and listen – often

That is the point of meditation. Through getting still and listening, we hear. And, through hearing, we are inspired to take action. Once those actions are taken, we are flowing. This is because things start to unfold for us little by little.  

Try it. Let me know how it goes.

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