How to Have a Breakthrough (Finding your AHA! Moment)

Written by on November 28, 2017

A breakthrough is when you get it. It’s when the light-bulb goes off. It’s your “AHA!” moment.

In other words, a breakthrough is when you reach the peak of knowledge for that particular thing that you’re learning at the time.

Breakthroughs come when something clicks…when the puzzle piece perfectly fits into place.

But, how do you actually have a breakthrough? Is it something that you can actually control?

The answer is YES!  Actually, the answer is abso-freaking-loutely!

The quickest way to have a breakthrough is to ask. Yep, it’s really that simple. Ask so that the answer be revealed to you – whatever it is that you’re looking for.

Need to understand why you’re having a particular issue? Ask!

Want to know why you are experiencing a certain situation? Ask!

Wondering what causes you to have the same problems over and over? Ask!  

The power in creating a breakthrough for yourself is how you ask the question.

You don’t say, “hey, why is this happening to me?” Because of how that question is framed, what you’ll receive are experiences that show you WHY something is happening to you! That’s a disempowering question – don’t ask it.

Instead, ask, “What is the lesson that is in this situation that keeps happening over and over again?”. There, you have it. You’re getting specific. You’re asking “What is the lesson?” That way, you’ll be shown the lesson!

Are you sick? Don’t ask, “Why do I have this or that?” Again, you’ll be given more experiences that show you why you have this and that. That just leads to more misery. Instead, ask, “why has this (insert sickness here) shown up in my life at this particular time. BOOM! An answer will appear.

See, the universe works on specifics, not generalizations. So, if you want to have a breakthrough, don’t just ask, “why me”, ask to be shown the lesson. And, because of the irrevocable law of reciprocity – when you ask, you WILL receive.

Try it and let me know how it works!

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