How to be The Best Version of Yourself NOW!

Written by on January 4, 2018

This morning, I received a text from my awesome assistant, Gretchell, that read, “A great first blog topic for the year would be, “How can I become the best version of myself in 2018”. I loved it and decided to make it a priority for today.

But, first, I had to do the laundry!

I just moved into a new place and since my washer and dryer is not hooked up yet, and I had about 3 weeks of laundry to do, finding a local place to wash clothes was high on my agenda.

While at a local laundromat, I struck up a conversation with one of the attendants, Kenya. I don’t have these experiences often, but when I do, I savor them. It turns out that Kenya (either knowingly or unknowingly) is a sage woman.

She started off by asking me about my hair, but then as we begin to speak, she started telling me bits of her life story. I won’t divulge what she shared with me here, but I will say that her story is one of the most riveting I’ve heard in years.

Most importantly, she shared with me lessons that she had learned AND told me that I needed to get off my ass and finally do the things that I’ve been saying that I’ve wanted to do – for…EVER!

So, it turns out that Gretchell is a freaking psychic (knowingly or unknowingly)!  

And, I would love to say that I have the answer to her suggestion about writing the post. I would really love to give you a list of what it takes to live your best life in 2018 and beyond.

But, I don’t.


Because I don’t know what it is that you desire in life. What are YOUR dreams??  What do YOU want to accomplish?? And…even more so than that…are you HUNGRY enough to get to where you want to go.

What do you do when you’re hungry and you have access to food?  You eat.  What do you do when you’re hungry and you don’t have immediate access to food? You find it. No holds barred. You do any and everything in you power to find that food, don’t you?

So, when you have a goal or dream to aspire to, and you want it bad enough, you’re gonna do everything, use every resource and turn every stone to make it a reality….aren’t you?

What are you waiting for? Must not be hungry enough? How do you create that sense of urgency?

Life creates it for you!

Pain pushes you and your purpose pulls you.

Do you have pain?

Are you struggling?

Are you unhappy?


Wanting more out of life?

Then…why aren’t you MOVING?

Take one step forward because when you do that, the universe takes a giant leap FOR you. Did you know that?  A GIANT LEAP!

Like I said, I don’t know what you need to do to be the best version of yourself in 2018 – but the good news – it’s none of my business. You have all of the answers.


Seek and you shall find your truth!


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