Hi, I’m Prachel and I created Fearless Vixen for women who needed a space to reinvent themselves. You can read about it here. 


Our intention is to create experiences that inspire women to reinvent themselves and live bold, spirited and fiery lives.

Who We Serve?

We serve women who are looking to experience a shift from who they are to who they want to be. We create spaces for women to transform, shift, change, reinvent and evolve from their current lives.


We Believe That Every Woman:

  • has gifts to be unleashed in order to serve the world and uplift the human spirit
  • deserves a supportive environment to complete her transformation

Our Culture

A Fearless Vixen event is one defined by transformation. We believe that every woman must stand in her truth. Every woman must continuously reinvent themselves and bring out the gifts that are already within themselves to serve the world as they move forward. Fearless Vixen provides platforms to assist women to find creative ways of thinking about who they are and who they can be of service to.