111 Questions To Help You Think More Positively

Written by on November 13, 2017

Did life get you down? Do you want to think more positively about your situation, but simply don’t know how?

Ask an empowering question!

When you ask a question, the universe ALWAYS delivers a response. So, instead of saying, “Why me?”, or “Why do all of these bad things keep happening to me?”, here is a list of EMPOWERING questions…because if you’re gonna get a response, it might as well be a good one, right?

Once you ask, be sure to listen for a response. The response can come in the form of a message from another person, an animal that you don’t normally see every day (be sure to google the spiritual meaning of that particular animal), a dream, or that quiet, still, a voice speaking to you. It doesn’t matter “how” the message is given, just know that one will ALWAYS be shown to you… at the right time, of course!

  1. Who can I serve?
  2. What do I need to do to see my true self?
  3. How can I serve?
  4. What can I be pleased about?
  5. How can I grow?
  6. How can I become more of myself?
  7. How do I see the real “me”?
  8. How can I clear my path to reinvent myself?
  9. What can I do to serve my purpose?
  10. What is my purpose?
  11. How do I be proactive in my life?
  12. What can I be thankful for?
  13. How can I show up more?
  14. What does my perfect/right life look like?
  15. How can I expand my awareness?
  16. What can I be excited about?
  17. What tools do I need to grow?
  18. How do I grow my creative abilities?
  19. How can I be more genuine?
  20. What types of opportunities will allow me to expand?
  21. How can I vibrate higher?
  22. How can I serve my vision?
  23. How can I find the right _____ for me?
  24. How can I see my own greatness?
  25. What do I need to do to grow?
  26. Where do I need to be to serve my highest and best purpose?
  27. How can I know my value?
  28. How can I take better care of myself?
  29. How can I better provide for myself?
  30. How can I take ownership of my life?
  31. What can I do to expand my vision?
  32. How can I take care of myself financially?
  33. What can I do to create more?
  34. What can I create that will benefit people?
  35. How can I be more resourceful?
  36. How can I support more people in their goals?
  37. How can I give more of myself?
  38. What can I do to be more global?
  39. How can I positively impact the lives of others?
  40. What, specifically, do I need to do bring my joy into my life?
  41. Who do I need to meet to help me to serve more?
  42. How can I increase my worth to others?
  43. How do I expand my consciousness of who I am?
  44. How do I help more people?
  45. How do I align myself with my vision?
  46. How do I overcome my fear of beginning anew?
  47. How can I show more of myself to others?
  48. How can I vibrate with my dreams?
  49. How do I find others that can help me to serve?
  50. Who is trying to emerge from me?
  51. How can I gain more knowledge to help me to serve others?
  52. What is my reason for being?
  53. How do I step into my higher self?
  54. What is my higher self-trying to tell me?
  55. What can I be more grateful for?
  56. How can I have an awesome life?
  57. How can I inspire others?
  58. Who needs what I have to offer, the most?
  59. Who can I run into today that I can help?
  60. How do I find those that need what I have to offer?
  61. How do I connect with my tribe?
  62. When is the best time for me to _____(fill in the blank)?
  63. Where can I serve my highest and best good?
  64. How do I follow my heart?
  65. What good things are meant to happen in my life?
  66. How do I overcome the obstacles that are before me?
  67. How do I change my life for the better?
  68. What is the best solution to what I am experiencing now?
  69. What does my unfolding look like?
  70. How do I give more love?
  71. What do I need to do to have better experiences?
  72. Who do I need to be to step into a new existence?
  73. If I had all of the time, money and resources in the world, what would I be doing?
  74. How do I attract the right people to help me to serve my purpose?
  75. How do I become more open to others?
  76. What steps do I need to take to get to where my dreams are?
  77. How can I be more awesome?
  78. How do I assist more people to get what they want?
  79. How can I transfer my knowledge and skills to others?
  80. What do I need to know how to start?
  81. How do I allow others to receive my love?
  82. How can I be more supportive of others?
  83. How can I do my part on this planet?
  84. What can I be doing, right now, to help others live their best lives?
  85. How can I make my life worthwhile?
  86. How do I hone in on my path?
  87. How do I show up for myself?
  88. What can I do to get out of my comfort zone?
  89. What do I need to learn about myself to grow?
  90. How can I become more fearless?
  91. How can I trust myself more?
  92. Who can I trust with my vision?
  93. How can I be more successful?
  94. Who can I attract that will be supportive of my vision?
  95. How can I achieve more?
  96. When I first wake up in the morning, what is the first empowering thing I can do?
  97. When I go to bed at night, was is the last empowering thing that I can do?
  98. Where do I need to grow?
  99. How do I create the space that I need to become more of myself?
  100. How can I create a better life?
  101. Who can I help to create a better life?
  102. How many people can I inspire this week?
  103. Who can I help to change their life?
  104. How can I bring more beauty in my life?
  105. What can I be pleasantly surprised about?
  106. How can I show up for myself?
  107. How can I support myself?
  108. What can I do to move forward in life?
  109. How can I pursue my dreams?
  110. How do I show up for myself?
  111. …what can I do now to say later, …” and then, my life blossomed?”

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